“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” ― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream
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    Shipping Days: Wednesday & Saturday

    I do try and ship frequently though out the week, but due to the unpredictable nature of the live shops, the large number of invoices sent, plus my full time day job this isn’t always possible. When all else fails I do ship Wednesdays & Saturday.
    Disclaimer:  Top Notch does vend at Comiccons & other conventions randomly throughout the year.  This tends to interfere with Saturdays shipping because I remain on location at these event.  In this case the event will be announced and shipping will be done immediately upon my return.


    When I print your shipping label an email with tracking is automatically sent to the email address you provided.   If you made payment through Paypal you can also find tracking info in your Paypal account.  PLEASE check your email and/or your paypal account before you message me asking when your package will arrive.

    Top Notch Postal Delivery

    Sometimes it takes a village to get the weeks mailing on its way! My Dad “Papi” will often take all of your Top Notch goodies to the post office when I am done packing them up.  This is amazing for me because otherwise I would have to wake up an hour early and drop them all off at 7am before my “real job”.  A little extra sleep makes me happy and the bonus is Papi brags at the Post Office about the weekly growth of Top Notch!  You will see him smiling in pics often! He is very proud to be a part of #NotchNation!

    Lost packages

    Unfortunately I do not have magical control of the US Postal Service.  I do have a great working relationship with my local post office so all packages are scanned in as soon as I drop them off which eliminates some of the hiccups with tracking but things happen.  Top Notch does not take responsibility for packages that are lost in transit or vanish once delivered at your home. Insurance can be added to your package by request but is not automatically provided.  Please contact the USPS at ( USPS Customer Service ) with any concerns because I will not have any more info then what the tracking online provides.